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OCHA benefited in 2005 from many other in-kind contributions from donor countries that sponsor a variety of activities like UNDAC training (induction and refresher courses), deployment of additional support staff, additional funds to sponsor UNDAC members from developing countries, and so forth.
A detailed list of in-kind contributions by donor country is presented below:

Australia Asia-Pacific Humanitarian Partnership
Austria UNDAC Africa-Europe Refresher, Salzburg, September
CDERA* OSOCC Training, Montserrat, June - sponsorship of participants
Canada Supporting deployment of developing country UNDAC team members on UNDAC missions through the Canada UNDAC Mission Account
Asia-Pacific Humanitarian Partnership
Denmark OSOCC Training, Denmark, November
Estonia OSOCC Training, April
International Humanitarian Partnership - mission support
INSARAG Global USAR Team Leaders Meeting, November
Finland IHP Support Staff Refresher Training Course, Kupio, October
Germany INSARAG Antenna for the Middle East and North Africa
India INSARAG Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting, Delhi, September
Japan Asia-Pacific Humanitarian Partnership
Regional Disaster Response Advisor (RDRA) based in Kobe Hosted and maintained the Office of the RDRA
Radio Project, IRIN. Human Security Trust Fund
The Brookings-Bern Project in Internal Displacement. Human Security Trust Fund
Asia-Pacific Humanitarian Partnership
Netherlands International Humanitarian Partnership
New Zealand Asia-Pacific Humanitarian Partnership
Norway International Humanitarian Partnership - mission support
Offer of use of national UNDAC Mission Account to deploy developing country UNDAC team members on UNDAC missions
Singapore Asia-Pacific Humanitarian Partnership - APHP Training Course & Technical Meeting/Exercise, Singapore, May-June
UNDAC Asia Induction Course, Singapore, August-September
Sweden Training of Trainers Workshop, Sweden, July
Personal equipment for new UNDAC members
Funding of insurance cover for UNDAC missions
International Humanitarian Partnership - mission support
HIC Training – technical support
HIC deployments - technical support
Switzerland UNDAC Europe Induction Course, Lausanne, May
Provision of Swiss plane to transport first UNDAC team to Pakistan
INSARAG Africa-Europe Regional Group Meeting and Steering Committee Meeting, Geneva, April
Tunisia INSARAG Awareness Module, Tunisia, April
UK OSOCC Training, Montserrat, June - sponsorship of participants
International Humanitarian Partnership - mission support
Provision and transport of the Heavy Module (technical equipment) to emergency HIC deployments
HIC Training, UK, June
USA OSOCC Training, Montserrat, June
* Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency

Other humanitarian organisations also support OCHA by seconding staff to the field offices, namely:
Outscore, DFID, Norwegian Refugee Council, Oxfam, SIDA and SRSA.




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